Mobile Legends M2 World Championship

Mobile Legends M2 World Championship
MLBB M2 World Championship
Organizer Moonton
Prize Pool $ 300,000 USD
Tier World
Location Singapore
Start Date 2021-01-18
End Date 2021-01-24
Champion Bren Esports
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MLBB World Championship is the most prestigious tournament in Mobile Legends esports scene. Moonton organized this tournament once a year. The first World Championship was held in Malaysia in November 2019 last year. MLBB M2 World Championship actually will be held in Jakarta in November 2020. However, due to a pandemic, this event was postponed. Moonton later announced that M2 World Championship will be held on January 18, 2021, in Singapore 2021 instead of Jakarta, Indonesia.

MLBB M2 Format

  • Group Stage
    • Phase 1: January 18, 2021 – January 19, 2021
      • 12 teams will be divided into 3 pools. The first pool is the MPL champions. The second pool is the MPL runners up. Then the last seed are teams from qualifiers
      • 12 teams drawn into 4 groups. Each group contains 1 team from each pool.
      • Top 1 in each group advance to Upper Bracket
      • The bottom 2 team will go to group stage phase 2
    • Phase 2: January 20, 2021
      • 2nd place from each group will battle with 3rd place from another group
      • Match 1: Group A 2nd place vs Group C 3rd place
      • Match 2: Group C 2nd place vs Group A 3rd place
      • Match 3: Group B 2nd place vs Group D 3rd place
      • Match 4: Group D 2nd place vs Group B 3rd place
      • The winner of each match will go to the lower bracket
      • The loser will be eliminated
  • Playoffs: January 22, 2021 – January 24, 2021
    • Double elimination bracket
    • The final upper bracket and final lower bracket played on BO5 series.
    • The Grand Final played on BO7 format
    • The rest of the match played on BO3 series.

MLBB M2 Prize Pool

$ 300,000 USD prize will be awarded to the teams based on their rank in the tournament.

MLBB M2 Qualification

MPL Indonesia Season 602
MPL Philiphines Season 602
MPL MySG Season 602
MPL Myanmar Season 501
MLBB CIS Mayor01
Brazil Direct Invite01
Japan Direct Invite01
Cambodia Direct Invite01
Host County Direct Invite01

MLBB M2 Teams

Alter EgoIndonesiaMPL ID S6
RRQ HoshiIndonesiaMPL ID S6
Bren EsportsPhilipinesMPL PH S6
Omega EsportsPhilipinesMPL PH S6
Evos SGSingaporeMPL MYSG S6
TodakMalaysiaMPL MYSG S6
Burmese GhoulsMyanmarMPL MM S5
Unique DEVURussiaMLBB CIS Mayor
DreammaxBrazilDirect Invite
10S Gaming FrostJapanDirect Invite
Impunity KHCambodiaDirect Invite
RSGSingaporeHost County

MLBB M2 Results

Group Stage

Phase 1

Group A

TeamMatch W-LGame W-LPoints
Burmese Ghoul2-04-13
Unique DEVU0-21-4-3
2021-01-1804:00 UTCBurmese Ghouls2 – 0Unique Devu
2021-01-1808:00 UTCRSG2 – 1Unique Devu
2021-01-1812:00 UTCRSG1 – 2Burmese Ghouls

Group B

TeamMatch W-LGame W-LPoints
Omega Esports2-04-04
Impunity KH0-10-4-4
2021-01-1802:00 UTCTodak0 – 2Omega Esports
2021-01-1806:00 UTCTodak2 – 0Impunity KH
2021-01-1810:00 UTCOmega Esports2 – 0Impunity KH

Group C

TeamMatch W-LGame W-LPoints
Bren Esports2-04-04
Alter Ego1-12-20
10S Gaming Frost0-20-4-4
2021-01-1902:00 UTCAlter Ego2 – 010S Gaming
2021-01-1906:00 UTCBren Esports2 – 010S Gaming
2021-01-1910:00 UTCBren Esports2 – 0Alter Ego

Group D

TeamMatch W-LGame W-LPoints
RRQ Hoshi2-04-13
Evos SG1-13-21
2021-01-1904:00 UTCEvos SG2 – 0DreamMax
2021-01-1908:00 UTCRRQ Hoshi1 – 0DreamMax
2021-01-1912:00 UTCRRQ Hoshi2 – 1Evos SG

Phase 2

2021-01-2005:00 UTCRSG1 – 210S Gaming Frost
2021-01-2007:00 UTCUnique Devu0 – 2Alter Ego
2021-01-2009:00 UTCTodak2 – 1DreamMax
2021-01-2011:00 UTCImpunity KH0 – 2Evos SG

Playoffs Bracket

MLBB M2 World Championship Playoffs Bracket

Playoffs Day 1 Matches

2021-01-2203:30 UTC10S Gaming Frost0 – 2Alter Ego
2021-01-2206:00 UTCTodak2 – 0Evos SG
2021-01-2208:45 UTCBurmese Ghouls2 – 0Bren Esports
2021-01-2211:15 UTCOmega Esports0 – 2RRQ Hoshi

Playoffs Day 2 Matches

2021-01-2303:00 UTCOmega0 – 2Alter Ego
2021-01-2305:15 UTCTodak1 – 2Bren Esports
2021-01-2307:45 UTCBurmese Ghouls3 – 2RRQ Hoshi
2021-01-2311:45 UTCAlter Ego1 – 2Bren Esports

Playoffs Day 3 Matches

2021-01-2403:00 UTCRRQ Hoshi1 – 3Bren Esports
2021-01-2410:00 UTCBurmese Ghouls3 – 4Bren Esports

MLBB M2 World Champion

Bren Esports claimed the title of World Champion after had defeated Burmese ghouls in the grand final.
Bren Lang Malakas!

MLBB M2 Final Standings

1Bren EsportsPhilippines$140,000
2Burmese GhoulsMyanmar$67,200
3RRQ HoshiIndonesia$28,000
4Alter EgoIndonesia$16,800
6Omega EsportsPhilippines$8,400
7Evos SGSingapore$5,600
810S Gaming FrostJapan$5,600
11Unique DevuRussia$4,250
12Impunity KHCambodia$4,250


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